Brewery Team


George Sanderson

Sales Executive

He thinks he is the top boy, a proper lad, the funny guy, really, he is the mess of the group but we try not to let him realise it otherwise we wouldn't have had anyone to fill this role. To be fair the guy has great chat and is just a joy to have on a night out. He knows everyone and can strike up a conversation of more than 4 words with random people to get the night going in the right direction... the rest of us are stuck on two, maybe three on a good night.

Jordan Manfre

Socials Manager

Where do we start with Jordan .. Captain fantastic! In his eyes no one compares to Mr. Manfre, all we care about is how unfair it was he had a beard at age 7, the guy was made to be a brewer. APPARENTLY, he played semi-professional football but there are no credible sources apart from his mum.. anyway now he is making and drinking beer. What a blow to the Manfre family.

I digress, we have to say something nice about everyone so honestly, he is the driving force that keeps this place going. If it wasn't for him we would be just drinking beer in a shed in one of our gardens... Vive LE BAR!


Joshua Kitt

Transport Manager/Resident Craftsman

The guy that we all joked would be retaking his GCSE exams when he was thirty, prior to this adventure he is the only one that was doing something he dreamed of and enjoyed. 
Again I'm obliged to write something positive about my friend and colleague so here we go... Joshua Kitt is genuinely the nicest, most pleasant guy going that is an absolute professional with the woodworking tools.

Hit him up for any woodworking projects you've got. He can make you any personalised beer crate you like.

Jonathan Howarth

Lead Brewer

Let's be honest real quick... this guy right here is the core of this whole idea and probably of this weird four-some friendship. Not that it's me who is writing these bios of course, but I would say The Lost Boys really are lost without me. I mean I'm the beer-loving, garden bar owning, potion brewing guy that just has a real passion for delivering top beer to the people.

Alas, I've been told I should at least pretend to be impartial though so...

I like beer.