Lost Boys Beers

Peach Pale

Straight 5%

This is a refreshing summer ale with a peach aroma. This beer starts with a slight bitter pinch and is followed with a smooth fruity taste that comes from our carefully selected malt and fruit. A great choice for all drinkers. This beer is perfect for summer vibes in the beer garden or a cheeky BBQ.

Mango IPA

Big boy 6%

OK. As head brewer, this one is on me. We spent weeks and week arguing over what flavour and style we wanted to do for this release. In jumps yours truly. I love really hop forward IPAs more than any other style, and that is EXACTLY what this is. A huge hop burst and big hits of mango. All on the nose and up in your mouth. At 6% it is a big beer so if you're out for the night then stick to the peach because if you're not careful a couple of these will put in a cab home early.

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